Tax Day Protest

04/15/2010 00:04

Atlanta Tax Day Tea Party
NEIL CAVUTO WILL BE COVERING THE ATLANTA TAX DAY TEA PARTY AND WILL BE BROADCASTING HIS SHOW LIVE FROM THE TEA PARTY Come join the largest tea party in Georgia and the Southeast bought to you by Atlanta Tea Party, Georgia Tea Party Patriots, and Freedomworks. Thursday, April 15, 2010 6:00pm - 9:00pm We will have activities beginning at 3:00 pm. Come early. Georgia State Capitol Theme: WE WILL REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER Join Tea Party Patriots, FreedomWorks, Liberty Central, Smart Girl Politics, Smart Girl Nation, 9-12, Fair Tax Organization, and others as we join together on April 15th for a TAX DAY TEA PARTY! Atlanta Tea Party welcomes special guests: GINNI THOMAS - Chairman of Liberty Central (and wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.) JOHN BERRY - Grammy award winning country music star. RALPH REED - Chairman of Faith and Freedom Coalition. TABITHA HALE - political blogger and host of Raisin Hale. LARRY WACHS - Host of Rock 100"s The Regular Guys JONATHON KROHN - Best selling author and political pundit HAROLD SCHULZ - Elvis Tribute Artist Blue Suede Entertainment


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